F2 lands in France

And as Socrates said, it thundered that it rained. F2creativelab working to create a somewhat innovative idea. COVID-19 has brought the world economy to its knees, and compels the population to stay indoors. So from an idea by chef Daniela Ortini assisted by food journalist Sara Rania, it was thought to census the beyond 70 grocery store addresses, Restaurants, pizzerias and distributors of Italian products that remain active during the health crisis. In fact, the piano gmaps which bears the name of Italy Gourmet senza Covid 19 which identifies the various catering activities on the ground Parisian.

The chef Daniela Ortini he thought well to contact F2creativelab to realize a portal, a blog, an e-commerce and a mobile app that, allows you to know in real time which activities are open nearby and to be able to order a dish or an entire dinner at home, or, the possibility to choose from the numerous recipes present and order the necessary ingredients that are already beautiful and ready to cook, directly to your home. Below the complete article on francepizza.fr.

https://www.francepizza.fr/actualites/profession/1992-Le-virus-n-arrete-pas-les-professionnels–a-map-Gmaps-lists-the-open-italian-shops /

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